We propose to treat allergy related autism by desensitizing the individual from their food and environmental sensitivities with an Advanced Stress Reduction (ASR) technique called the SHOW Method. But what if we could PREVENT Autism altogether. I think we could. HOW?! If we scan parents or infants for their energetic profiles, meaning a database of foods, chemicals and microbes, and then harmonize their epigenetic stressors with bio-resonant signals, we can neutralize many of these triggers before they cause functional damage. We have to harmonize the infant’s epigenetic expression! That includes taking stress out of metabolism, such as allergies, improving the Immune system to fight off infections and genetically up-regulating detoxification of chemicals and harmful substances.

SmartHealth Run for Autism now 5K/10K

Help raise awareness about Autism with your participation in our annual 5k Run/Walk & 10K Run to raise funds towards Natural Health Research.  Join us for a fun family event.  Kid and pet friendly!  Medal Ceremony to congratulate the winners.  

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