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What is a Bioenergetic Wellness Coach?
Wellness Coach Certification - Bioenergetics
Change Genetic Expression

   Two Day Certification:

  • You will learn about:

    -> Bioenergetics and Epigenetic Healing;

    -> Cellular Dysfunction and TCM;

    -> Identifying triggers of Inflammation;


    -> Allergy Elimination;

    -> Asthma, autism and ADHD in children;


    -> Prevention;

  • Provides the education and tools necessary to help make a positive

       difference in people's lives;    

  • Offers a unique technique at the forefront of holistic health and wellness;

  • Learn cutting edge information about genetic wellness;​​

  • Ongoing education, resources and support available for your success;

  • Materials provided to help you get started and stay informed;

  • Provides training that you can use with people of all ages and walks of life;

  • Become a supportive mentor and help individuals heal;

  • Help individuals compliment healthy lifestyle and food choices with genetic wellness;

  • Set yourself apart from the ever-growing Health Coach industry.     

Help people, including children, with their auto-immune issues of all varieties.  Empower their genetic potential by combining Modern Science & Technology with Tapping, TCM, Kinesiology and Nutrition.

Health and Wellness Coaching is at the cutting edge of the wellness revolution.

Bioenergetic wellness coaching enables you to empower people to recognize the body’s ability to self-heal and to start acknowledging their symptoms as clues to underlying imbalances rather than hopeless health conditions. 

Dr. Oz on the benefits of Health Coaching