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ASR Biofeedback™ with The IMAET System®

Advanced Stress Relief Quantum Biofeedback

What’s so advanced about ASR?

ASR looks at the Essence of a person and actually scans for thousands of stress factors, endogenous ones as well as exogenous ones, identifies them and then allows for a harmonizing biofeedback.

What is that Essence?

It is the quintessence of every living thing, everything, heart, soul and spirit. It is YOU. Can YOU still fight inflammation and arthritis? Can YOU still fight LYME, chronic fatigue, thyroid problems...?

I look at the essence as the DNA or Genome in a person. We humans are made up of 100 trillion cells and our DNA is in the nucleus of each of those 100 trillion cells. The DNA or Code of Life is in our bodies 100 trillion times. These 100 trillion cells are in constant communication and contact with each other, to conduct the survival of the organism, our body

How does Life orchestrate survival?


Life happens at the interface of The Environment and the DNA. There are multiple barriers and interfaces, the 2 most consequential are the outer skin and then the cellular membrane, which separates the DNA from the bodily fluids. Simply put, the DNA responds to energetic signals (subtle eneries) from the environment with biochemical triggers activating different metabolic pathways. And it does that by expressing or silencing certain clusters of genes, in real time. This interaction between environment and DNA happens with subtle energies. Just like a microchip in a computer uses extremely low energies to execute its calculations. These subtle energies are called quanta (from quantum) and with 100 trillion cells at work, interfacing with quadrillions of receptors, channels, pores and functional barriers, it all adds up to a lot of energy flow. The ancient Chinese called that energy flow Qi energy and it flows through channels they call Meridians.

Life requires energy flow.

ASR Biofeedback accesses this cellular communications energy flow through these energy Meridians. The harness systems of the IMAET System are designed to intercept various meridians for the purpose of measuring the energy flow, in a scanning fashion and then access the DNA for a resonating and harmonizing biofeedback treatment.

Harmonizing genetic expression:

📷The IMAET software scans a database of innate frequencies of thousands of factors and calculates the body’s response to their frequencies. It then offers a harmonizing and balancing energy biofeedback to elevate the Essence of that person to better epigenetic function.

Better epigenetic function means a healthier life. It means better digestion, better detoxification, better immune function, better management of stress. It means better metabolic function, slower aging and good vitality.

ASR Biofeedback is an invaluable tool in applying precision energy medicine to empower the Essence of a person for better function. ASR Biofeedback is an effective anti-aging strategy.

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