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The Energy Paradigm - Op Ed

Central New York, May 2020

The world is at a crisis point. The physical paradigm of mainstream medicine is bumping up against its limitations, threatening to take us all down with it. WE can help to bring some confidence back into our reality, some sanity. Why, because WE are energy practitioners and we look at the energetic realities, which are early predictors of what is to follow. Whether in 1 week, in 2 weeks, 1 month or a few years down the road. But most importantly, we can communicate with the body. We can read the body, albeit differently than the mainstream medical system does.

By analyzing the signaling pathways of the body, which include, metabolism, immune system, detoxification, and neurology, we can gain understanding into what the quirks and difficulties are within those systems. Often these functional quirks are caused by mutations and SNPs. Because LIFE happens at the interface of the environment and DNA, this energetic process can be measured, analyzed and harmonized to function better.

The biggest hurdle in health today are damaging lifestyle choices, most importantly dietary choices. We have missed yet another opportunity to use this crisis to make some broad changes in public education about diet. In order to accomplish that, we also need to change the production of our foods and agriculture itself. Energy medicine and Bioenergetics cannot accomplish that change. Even though, it would serve us all well to incorporate energetic principals into agriculture at all levels and bring harmony to the land we cultivate.

Energy medicine and Bioenergetics also cannot help once a person arrives with an acute CoViD-19 infection at the emergency department. This is the domain of Medicine.

Through the SHOW Method, I have brought forward a method which allows to harmonize genetic expression for better metabolic function and natural reduction of inflammation. This allows for improved and powerful immune function.

With the IMAET System, we can apply those principals effectively in the form of frequencies which resonate with certain genes. Each session can improve the function of these genes.

There is a lot of room for improvement in our epigenetic expression. We all have thousands of SNPs and genetic variants, who's function can be improved with my methods.

The coronavirus 2 will become part of our immunity, just like every other virus in human history. We can help by teaching the Immune System about all kinds of viruses, many of which become dormant and chronic, causing many pathologies. We can do the same for this novel one of 2019. A healthy immune system is at the ready to learn, adapt and be unleashed onto any virus.

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