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With the new science of epigenetics and new scientific discoveries daily, human health and it's physiology have become an open book. We are learning how the DNA contains the biochemical details of life and survival in the form of genes. Dr. Straile has studied genetics as far back as 1974 and has been able to connect this avalanche of new knowledge with ancient wisdom from the past. This integration of super modern science and technology with ancient knowledge and wisdom has allowed him to develop a window of communication and harmonization at the deep level of epigenetic function. Common health issues like allergies, inflammation, auto-immune dysfunction and pain respond positively to his energy medicine technique, the SHOW Method. One Thousand Shades of Pink tells some surprising stories of ordinary people regaining their health with completely natural and energy methods. And it presents the details which have some commonality because we all share similar DNA. One learns that the DNA can be harmonized and influenced in precise ways, that symptoms of allergies and inflammation give clues about mutations and SNPs.


One Thousand Shades of Pink - 4th Edition

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