Understanding Genomic Wellness

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Everyone has some genomic errors called SNPs:​

Shedding light on your individual genomic health. It’s not a secret, it’s information, crucial to act preventative.


Just like software operates computers, your Genome is the software which runs your body. Minor mutations happen frequently, simply because of the shear speed of constant copying going on within the genome.


Simple mutations are called SNPs (single nucleotide polymorphisms). They represent inborn errors in metabolism. We all have thousands of them. Aside from bad lifestyle choices and severe toxic environmental exposure, most of health conditions develop out of these errors in metabolism! Allergies, Gout, Heart Disease, Diabetes, Cancer, Autism, Auto-immune Diseases.

Science is finding that genes are MODIFIABLE. Energy practitioners have been experiencing in their practices that gene expression is modifiable. Imagine life without fear of disease. The key is to find and modify these errors in metabolism early in life and modify them before a disease process gets established. We can do this NOW.

Genetic Testing – we have teamed up with 23andme - SHOW Method – applied genomic modification with Quantum Biofeedback.

Cell Mutation
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Watch real time protein copying in human cell
Epigenetics and the Environment
The genome dynamically responds to the environment. Stress, diet, behavior, toxins and other factors activate bio-chemical switches that regulate gene expression. This makes diet and lifestyle choices, including healthcare choices, most important.