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Changing the expression of cancer - modulating epigenetic expression.

The occurrence of cancer is secondary to a pattern of energetic disharmony in the body, initially unrecognized by the immune system. The causes of this disharmony are many fold and need to be detected, analyzed and harmonized in order to deal with their carcinogenic energy preventatively. We can call these causative agents stressors.

Emotions such as anxiety, fear, guilt, anger or sadness all weaken the immune system by triggering the body’s stress response. These emotions have electromagnetic energy patterns which we can detect and harmonize with modern quantum biofeedback technology ( IMAET ) and techniques such as skillful kinesiology, NAET, SHOW Method.

Allergies are probably the biggest group of stressors confusing the immune system. Our present understanding of allergies is very inadequate. Allergies can be viewed as disharmony within the body’s inter-cellular communication system, another form of energetic disharmony.

This is recognized by TCM (traditional Chinese Medicine) and addressed by acupuncture and it’s meridian system. Connecting this ancient wisdom with the modern science of epigenetics, I look at the meridian system as the internet of the 100 trillion cells that make up the human body. And the Qi energy flowing through these meridians can be considered as information.

Information is energy, and we can break down this energy into unique frequencies and identify them for what they are conveying. What is that information flow conveying? What is the body talking about.

The entire metabolism at the bio-chemical level is being conducted and coordinated through these communication channels. The very survival of the body from second to second is being orchestrated by connecting the DNA in the nucleus of each cell with one another. The DNA of all 100 trillion cells operate in unison, to make the body survive or live.

The third group of stressors wearing down the immune system and over time allowing cancer to be expressed, is chronic pathogens. Chronic viruses such as human papilloma virus (HPV) are now known to cause cervical cancer and many scientists believe they are also involved in ovarian cancer and likely in some breast cancers. There are many different subspecies of HPV and other pathogens that have the potential, if chronic, to cause energetic disarray, as well. CMV (Cytomegalo virus) has been shown to be causing the deadly brain cancer Glioblastoma.

Viruses are particularly dangerous in the sense that they embed themselves into our DNA, where they can become permanent and, over time, alter the purpose of a cell. So, detecting the virus’ presence by identifying its energetic imprint is essential, and can be extremely helpful in realizing that a sub acute immune challenge may be going on. Once we are aware of that, we can then mobilize the immune system and help focus its formidable defenses on eliminating a particular sub acute and chronic virus, or other pathogen, through energetic feedback protocols such as the SHOW Method. These energetic interactions with the immune system happen through the same communication channels, the meridians, as with metabolic events. Why? Because the details of immune function are also epigenetic expressions. For example, researchers are finding that people with a MTHFR mutation have a higher risk of contracting Lyme from an exposure to a tic bite. This is, in my view, because a defect in the methylation of Folic acid results in a weakness of immune function, a handicap of sorts.

Detoxification is also operated by your genes. The differences between individuals in the tolerance of molds i.e. or pharmaceuticals is due to their genetic differences. Toxic exposure is very well established as a cause of cancer. We are identifying more and more genes responsible for the breakdown of toxins. Cytochrome 450 has been researched in detail by Pharma, because it is one of the main genes responsible for phase I detoxification of chemical compounds. I have been able to alleviate patient's severe side effects to their prescriptions many times. Yes, we can epigenetically improve detoxification by resonating with specific genes and harmonizing their expression!

The energy that needs and wants to be harmonious in order to prevent disease is called in the East Qi or Prana and we ‘Westerners’ call it Life energy or Life force. In Western scientific terms, this energy represents cellular communications and cell signaling pathways. It is our epigenetic expression of managing all the stressors every second of everyday life. This ancient survival mechanism includes defense against toxins and all immune threats, including emerging cancers. It also includes the entire metabolism of digesting food, absorbing nutrients, activating nutrients, as in methylation, and metabolizing those nutrients finally at the cellular level. It is all conducted through communications and signaling pathways (for the most part outside of the nervous system), which involves all 100 trillion cells of the body.

All body biochemicals (proteins) your body manufactures are copied from your DNA in the nucleus of each cell.

The DNA, the software which holds the knowledge of all the thousands of body bio-chemicals (enzymes, immune factors, hormones, neuro-transmitters etc) is located in the nucleus of each of the 100 trillion cells and it’s designed to heal itself, just like the entire body is. An entire new group of genes has been emerging in recent years, the onco genes (BRCA1, BRCA2, HERS2) which are responsible to repair DNA damage every day.

Yet, new mutations and SNPs (Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms) occur often (daily). We’ve inherited many from our parents and we’ve accumulated more on our watch. And, we will pass them on to our children. That is the evolutionary code of survival, and research is confirming that the expression of cancer is dependent on our immediate physical environment, just as it is the environment in which each cell finds itself that influences which genes are being turned on or off. Or which gene is being expressed. Acidic bodies activate cancer genes. Low oxygen activates cancer genes. Heavy metals, toxins, processed foods and chemicals of all sorts are detrimental to a healthy cellular environment, and, potentially, activate cancer genes.

So, what can be done to identify damaged genes and harmonize their expression? And what can be done to overcome genetic predisposition?

We can reduce the incidence of cancer by paying attention to the inter-cellular communication patterns and listening to the body’s cries for help as a matter of regular health maintenance, before experiencing pain or symptoms. This can be done in a number of ways: genetic testing for example to determine SNPs, mutations and variants. I use Quantum Biofeedback software technology (IMAET System), which is becoming very bio specific.

Innate frequencies resonating with the body's essence.

The scanning features identify specific imbalances within metabolism. The feedback function harmonizes metabolic errors causing allergies and inflammation of all sorts. It can also communicate with the Immune System and keep it focused on particular tasks or 'brewing' infections.

Chiropractic, homeopathy, acupressure, massage and nutritional medicines, prayer, meditation, yoga, Reiki, exercise, a healthy diet all help to express healthy genes and suppress disease causing ones. Last not least there is the field of nutrigenomics, which addresses the genetic quirks (mutations) with chelated nutritional supplementation.

In my clinic we have developed a technique (SHOW Method) with which, often, it appears to be possible, to harmonize these SNPs and get the affected genes to turn on and off appropriately. Functional genomics is a growing specialty and I am presenting a pragmatic way to get through the complexity of genomics as well as a practical solution through precision energy treatments. The more cancer we can avoid, the less cancer we need to cure.

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