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Wellness Coach Certification - Bioenergetics
Change Epigenetic Expression

 Two Day Certification:

  • You will learn about:

    -> Bioenergetics and Epigenetic Healing - The SHOW Method

    -> Cellular Dysfunction and TCM;

    -> Identifying triggers of Inflammation;


    -> Allergy Elimination;

    -> Asthma, autism and ADHD in children;


    -> Prevention;

  • Provides the education and tools necessary to help make a positive

       difference in people's lives;

  • Offers a unique technique at the forefront of holistic health and wellness;

  • Learn cutting edge information about genetic wellness;​​​

  • Ongoing education, resources and support available for your success;

  • Materials provided to help you get started and stay informed;

  • Provides training that you can use with people of all ages and walks of life;

  • Become a supportive mentor and help individuals heal;

  • Help individuals compliment healthy lifestyle and food choices with genetic wellness;

  • Set yourself apart from the ever-growing Health Coach industry.

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