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The SHOW Method
developed by Dr. Bernard Straile, BS, DC

Straile's HEALTHY OPTIONS for WELLNESS – an epigenetic healing method


The concept: The Human Body Biofield:

Dr. Straile: “Working on thousands of patients over 23 years as a DC with a neurological outlook on musculoskeletal function, I’ve come to realize that beyond neurology, there is the Body Biofield, a quantum physical expression of the total of energetic processes going on in the human body at any given time. In a Western understanding, these energetic processes are inter-cellular communications of the body’s 100 trillion cells.”

This bio-energetic expression of life, in Hindu culture it’s called Prana, in Chinese traditional culture it’s called Qi and is defined in meridians and acupoints. When we merge these traditional wisdoms with our modern scientific knowledge of body biochemistry and epigenetics, we enter a new universe of understanding health and dis-ease. We’re entering the cyberspace of the body. Gaining this new understanding becomes a matter of information analysis. It has been called ‘Decoding the human Bodyfield’ by Peter Fraser. Dr. Straile: “ I look at the meridian system as the internet of the cells. It is within these channels that the cellular communications flow. And it is here where we can analyze what the body as a whole and a system of 100 trillion cells, is communicating about. It will reveal everything from allergies to sensitivities to normal bio-chemical processes like digestion or hormone metabolism. This includes the Immune response, long before the Immune System becomes overwhelmed and we become ill.”

The SHOW Method is a precision energy medicine technique and an epigenetic healing method. It allows to be applied through the IMAET Quantum Biofeedback technology or imprinted vials (or a combination of both). Dr. Straile utilizes the IMAET System. It is rooted in the meridian system of traditional Chinese medicine. The IMAET technology provides a very useful tool to assess the interface between the environmental demands (digestion, immune function, detox) and the body’s biochemistry. To put it into another perspective, The IMAET quantum technology helps to assess cellular communications as it deals with the environmental challenges thrown at the body's biochemistry. The biochemistry is the epigenetic response or survival response of the body, orchestrated by our genes.

The SHOW Method is a culmination of a lifetime of learning and experience. Dr. Straile received training in the design and manufacturing of electronic devices back in the 1960s. He studied Informatics, continued with Mathematics and finally transitioned into Psychology at the University of Konstanz, Germany in 1973. There he experienced his first training in the young science of genetics. Clinically Dr. Straile made a commitment to Chiropractic in 1989, graduating in 1994 and became a dedicated NAET practitioner in 2003. The pioneering work on allergy elimination by Dr. Devi Nambudripad fell on fertile ground with Dr. Straile. Now, the SHOW Method integrates epigenetic science and Quantum Biofeedback with ancient Chinese Medicine, tapping procedures and kinesiology (MRT) into a precision energy medicine technique, which aims at harmonizing the metabolic stressors created by SNPs (single nucleotide polymorphisms) and genetic variants.

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