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Bioenergetic Communications – endless opportunities to focus the body.

Focus requires precision. Our genome, which operates our lives at the cellular level, is an extremely precise process. Tens of thousands of genes respond in specific ways to all the environmental demands facing us from moment to moment. That ain’t no big deal, right. The body does it constantly. But, once in a while we have a particular challenge, a challenge above average. For example: chronic Lyme or chronic Epstein Barr Virus or Gout or when we simply want to specifically affect anti-aging genes and so on.

In any of these cases a more sustained resonance with certain genes can be helpful in that it gets results faster, cuts down on office visits or the number of sessions. Wearable technology like our SH bracelet, which can be imprinted with the imaet interface box, is such a solution. No batteries or EMFs, just a scalar frequency carried by a bioenergetic chip.

Being able to present a precise frequency of a virus or a gene, can make a huge difference in keeping the immune system focused on a long and chronic infection and keeping the body on the job of eliminating the targeted offender.

The length of time to wear such a bioenergetic signature or frequency varies between one and six weeks in most cases and is determined by symptomatology or Kinesiology (muscle testing). Once the symptoms have significantly improved, one should be able to stop wearing the bracelet.

Then the bracelet and the chip on it can be neutralized and re-imprinted with new information, a new frequency, a new bioenergetic signature.

Try it on your most difficult cases, if you feel that you have narrowed down the problem well enough to strike back at chronic disharmony with utter precision.

Dr. Bernard Straile

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