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Changing epigenetic expression

What does "Changing Epigenetic Expression mean?"

- Allergy Elimination

- Desensitizing Food and environmental hyper-sensitivities

- better and more effective Detox

- improved metabolism

- heightened Immune function

- Reduced Inflammation- naturally

- slower aging, anti-aging – super naturally

- more vitality & vigor – super naturally

Lets visit these topics in more detail:

Allergy Elimination: i.e. peanut allergy, egg allergy and airborne allergies such as Pollen.

Note: One big contributor to allergies is a Leaky Gut and/or SIBO. We will discuss the Microbiome in a different segment. If the microbiome is ok, allergies are due to genetic quirks such as variants and mutations (SNPs).

We say one is allergic to "peanuts". But in reality it's the different ingredients of these foods that provoke the allergic and inflammatory reactions. There is no gene for peanuts, there is no gene for eggs, there is no gene for pollen.

YES, there are genes for the many single nutrients which are present in these foods. Genes who manage each ingredient in detail. Genes for the proteins down to single Amino Acids, Genes for each Mineral contained in these foods. Genes for each of the Vitamins and there are genes for each of the Fats and genes to process the carbs. Peanuts are very high in fats (14%), eggs are very high in proteins and pollen contain sugars.

Desensitizing is the same process as allergic reactions, just milder. The procedure to desensitize is the same as in allergy elimination – Resonating with the genes involved, the genes responsible for digesting and metabolizing the nutrients contained within these foods and substances, will change the epigenetic expression of the specific genes. The benefits are two-fold: 1) reduce inflammation 2) improve bioavailability of the affected nutrients.

Better and more effective Detox: Detoxification is a very sophisticated and detailed Process as well. It's not just like we humans have fantastic livers and that's it. Each toxin, each chemical, each substance has it's own gene associated with it's breakdown and elimination from the body. Hundreds of genes are involved. And remember, we have thousands of variants and mutations in our genome. So there are "bottle necks" in the detoxification system caused by mutational gene dysfunction of various degrees in different individuals.

Let me elaborate: Dogs i.e. - a) dogs cannot digest Chocolate. So, to them it's toxic. Why? They don't have the gene to digest chocolate, consequently they have to detoxify chocolate.

b) Dogs synthesize their own Vitamin C. That's why they don't have to eat vegetables. We Humans don't have that gene that synthesizes Vitamin C, so we have to ingest Vitamin C daily.

The good news is: While we can't add a new gene to our genome, nor remove one (only God or evolution can do that), we can change epigenetic expression of our genes, we can upregulate low functioning genes, even mutated genes. HOW?

Remember, genes are resonating frequency boards, like sound boards or strings, designed to sense environmental demands and tasks. So, with the right frequencies, we can contact specific genes, we can communicate with specific genes and we can change their expression, permanently.

The IMAET System has a unique technology embedded, to do this detailed work, effectively and with the precision required. It can:

1) detect low functioning genes (by lack of resonance)

2) instantly provide a biofeedback to upregulate the epigenetic expression of the genes addressed.

The IMAET software provides the guidance. It's not that difficult to do. You don't have to be a doctor. Common sense is all that's required and a compassion to help yourself and potentially others to improve epigenetic. expression. A desire to keep learning about Life is helpful.

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