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Is there any Good News concerning Climate Change? Op-Ed

Life is managed biologically by our genes. That management happens at the interface of the environment and the genes (inside each cell). That interface functions through subtle, electromagnetic, non-hertzian frequencies – also known as Tesla waves.

The human genome has evolved over millions of years. It provides the Code of Life on our planet Earth. From single cell organisms, such as bacteria, to us humans - a 100 trillion-celled organism. The one single purpose of this Code of Life is to help us live and survive within the environment we were given - planet Earth and our solar system.

This environment, and particularly our planet, have been changing constantly over millions of years. This change is built into our Genome - it is part of our DNA. Our genes inherently adapt to environmental changes to keep us alive and reproducing. Just to get us here, the year 2023 AD, we can brag: humans, have been a remarkably successful species and - we have adapted very well to environmental change.

How did this happen? - Our genome spontaneously produces gene variants, which can respond to a new environmental challenge. Point in Case: COVID-19 – We have developed immunity against this new virus over the past 3 years. These are positive variants created through adaptation to environmental challenges that make us hardier and able to survive future challenges.

There are also negative variants developing constantly. These are created by damage from environmental influences – like - non-subtle energies such as radiation & toxins. These types of pollutants simply need to be avoided and prevented from entering our environment. Chronic viral infections (dormant or latent, etc.) and other infectious environmental challenges cause genetic damage over time - causing a lot of disease burden. It is therefore essential to eliminate infections entirely - not just until symptoms subside. The physical paradigm of Mainstream Medicine and governmental agencies are not sufficient to keep the genome healthy enough to be able to adapt to inevitable future environmental changes.

Climate change is going to bring infectious challenges galore. Tropical diseases are migrating north. We cannot vaccinate ourselves out of this predicament. To the contrary, over-vaccination prevents the Immune System from developing fully and LEARNING how to broadly defend us. Furthermore, vaccines contain chemicals and toxins which can contribute to genetic damage and injury. Embracing an Energetic paradigm and becoming aware of the subtle energies that can actually manage our biological lives allows us to focus the Immune System, teach the Immune System, guide the Immune System, and communicate with the Immune System. This continuous bioenergetic training of the Immune System through subtle and innate frequencies allows it to acquire memory and experience in eliminating pathogens of all sorts.

So, what is the commonsense response to Climate Change? - Keep your genome healthy by pursuing “extreme wellness”. No tolerance for dysfunction. Autoimmune conditions of all sorts, including allergies and sensitivities, are genomic dysfunctions - stemming from SNPs (Single Nucleotide Polymorphism), simple mutations, and variants. Rather than medicating all these health challenges, we need to re-establish wellness by harmonizing our genes epigenetically and functionally. Did you know that our genes work very hard for us – copying proteins, mounting an immune response, repairing our DNA continuously. Genes are work horses. The weakest link will slow down the rest of the team. We can identify that weak link and resonate it into higher function.

Cancer is knowingly a disease of mutated genes and aberrant gene function that often takes decades to manifest. The simplest way forward is to avoid cancer by paying attention to mutations and harmonizing them early on in life.

The most effective way to assess the complexity of the functional genome is through advanced bioenergetic technology, such as the IMAET®. With this biohacking technology one can identify low functioning genes and using quantum feedback to resonate with these specific genes and bring them into higher function. This is called epigenetic change. Wether the mutational damage was inherited, caused by a toxin, radiation, a vaccine or a COVID infection, we can actually interact with our genes in a precise manner and affect positive functional change. People have incredible results with bioenergetic treatments, re-harmonizing epigenetic expression with precision. While humans have hundreds of thousands of genes and you may have ten thousand variants and SNPs within those genes, the task is very manageable when you own your own device and one can treat oneself often. The time expenditure is approximately a half hour per session. Imagine getting rid of gout by performing a bioenergetic feedback to the genes responsible for uric acid breakdown. Imagine upregulating your anti-histamine genes – reducing histamine levels. Imagine upregulating BRCA2 ( Breast cancer susceptibility gene 2) to increase DNA damage repair.

The COVID19 pandemic was an eye opener in several facets. Not least, the vast majority of people who succumbed to the virus were individuals with multiple comorbidities and underlying health conditions and that risk increased exponentially when combined with age.

The same will be true for climate change. The conclusion is this: manage wellness with an energetic paradigm outlook and use all the little symptoms you experience as red flags calling for epigenetic improvement rather than choosing drug management. The genome will be stronger and stronger, and health will be better and better AND climate change less of a threat.

Dr. Bernard Straile, DC

Developer of the IMAET

Originator of The SHOW Method

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