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Epigenetics for Self-help and Wellness

Updated: Aug 30, 2022

Have you experienced the limitations of the physical paradigm in mainstream medicine.

Have you been railroaded into an unwanted vaccine injected into your body, just to hang on to your job or go to school.

Are you taking pharmaceutical medication just to manage symptoms, never been given the hope of healing a health problem for good.

What have all these situations in common: - a lack of Epigenetic wisdom, an utter lack of Bioenergetic understanding and all are lacking HEALING in their approach.

I propose that modern healing needs addressing Life and Wellness with a bioenergetic outlook and with epigenetic science as the guiding light.

Epigenetic Healing

Functional LIFE happens at the interface of the Environment and the DNA. The environment represents everything which comes at the body in a 24 hour period, including 3 - 5 lbs of food, a gallon of liquids and over 2400 gallons of air. These environmental demands put their challenge to the body: Deal with it ! Extract the nutrients out of the food, get the oxygen from that air and clean up all the pollutants out of that 2400 gallons of air while you're at it.

No problem, our DNA knows just what to do: 3 billion links of DNA, assembled by GOD or millions of years of survival have been there done this, before. Miraculously, the right genes just "feel the need" to turn on at the right moment and process that burger you just ingested.

Now here is an important piece of information everyone needs to know: there are thousands of variants and mutations within the DNA, also known as the genome. These are simple mutations which cause the affected gene not to function as it should. Say the lactose gene has a mutation, you're likely to experience lactose intolerance symptoms.

This is what the CDC (centers for disease control) says about epigenetics: Epigenetics is the study of how your behaviors and environment can cause changes that affect the way your genes work. Epigenetic changes affect gene expression to turn genes “on” and “off.”


Bioenergetics is the study of energy flow in living organisms.

We can now measure this energy flow created by cellular communications and isolate certain frequencies. i.e. the innate frequency of Vitamin B12, or the frequency of a virus.

I have developed a software program, the IMAET, which contains the innate frequencies of thousands of nutrients, chemicals, viruses and environmental entities, as well as single genes which one can send as signals through the body to resonate with a particular gene

to change it's epigenetic function.

The software then calculates all frequencies based on the changes

made to these signals on their path through the tissues of the body and presents this on a computer screen as a distortion or an imbalance. This "assessment of tissues" includes the DNA within the cells, receptors on the membranes and actual, individual genes.

If this all sounds a bit lofty, this is 2022. With the help of a computer we can easily use a functional bioenergetic concept and apply it to every day LIFE. Allergies, inflammation, auto-immune conditions are all bioenergetic disturbances which cannot be healed usually with a physical paradigm approach. But respond often amazingly well to bioenergetic modalities by changing epigenetic expression.

My journey

Myself nor my parents did well with pharmaceutical interventions for healing. I developed an "idiopathic" neuropathy around age 50. I did my thing. Went to doctors, neurologists, MRI of the brain and soon realized, that that system was unable to help me or heal me. They offered drugs, Gabapentin, Lyrica etc. I did not feel great on those and there was no end to it. It's for the rest of once life. Meanwhile there is a dangerous disease process going on and I am going to ignore that. I think not.

Soon I realized, that inflammation was the culprit, systemic inflammation. It was everywhere in my body but most seriously affected my Nervous System. So, I controlled my environmental factors as best I could. Non-toxic food, clean water, moderate exercise. That all helped, but not enough. I did my first genetic test with 23&me when they first started out, maybe 2004 or so, and realized that I had hundreds of simple mutations within my DNA (genome). These mutations caused quirks in my metabolism, my detox apparatus and left my Immune System less than robust with frequent colds and such. What can you do about those variants and mutations? Anyone, any help out there? I had to help myself! I developed IMAET and the SHOW Method and treated myself for close to 20 years now.

Practitioner or Self-Help

There are practitioners out there practicing this kind of bioenergetics. The combination of IMAET and SHOW Method practitioner listings you can find here.

Don't shy away from the concept of Self Help and self treatment. You can learn this, you can do this for yourself, your family and loved ones.

I have learned a few things from the pandemic years, one certainly is: You will have to help yourself. Info about IMAET you can find at

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