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The Leaky Gut

A ‘leaky gut’ means that the gut lining is damaged and can no longer optimally function as a barrier between the gut lining and the blood vessels underneath. The “cheese cloth” barrier of the gut wall becomes more permeable and allows harmful substances like gluten, bad bacteria, and undigested food particles to enter the blood stream and cause many different inflammatory triggers anywhere in the body and cause considerable damage to health.

I like to differentiate between Leaky gut and SIBO, even though they are often related. Classic Leaky Gut is mostly caused by fungal overgrowth from Candida albicans and other fungi and yeasts. SIBO is caused by an overgrowth of bacteria. Here we are discussing Candida albicans and fungal overgrowth of the intestinal tract, mouth to anus. Severe fungal overgrowth may manifest into all organs and systems, even externally as skin fungus.

Candida is most commonly caused by the overuse of Antibiotics, which kill beneficial bacteria of the gut as well. That process allows candida type fungus to grow and spread. The ecology for fungus to flourish in the gut is created by killing off the beneficial bacterial flora of Lactobacillus acidophilus and Bifidobacterium species. Of course, there are other causes such as : Poor diet, comprising proteins found in unsprouted grains, sugar, genetically-modified foods (GMO).

Prolonged exposure to stress can weaken the immune system and inhibit the body’s ability to eliminate harmful bacteria and viruses, resulting in inflammation and leaky gut.

Toxin overload can lead to the leaky gut syndrome. We come across thousands of chemicals and other toxic substances on a daily basis, such as pesticides, aspirin, and contaminated tap water.

Once Candida (and the resulting Leaky Gut) becomes apparent, it is really not very difficult to get rid of it. Usually, the IMAET software will detect the condition energetically. Here are some examples from the Allergen Profile and Main Reactivity:

A feedback with the frequencies of Candida/Yeast or Yeast Mix (or any of the appropriate fungus frequencies) will engage the immune system instantly and employ it to remove the fungus. The feedback will provide a focus for the immune system to go after these particular fungii. Because remember, the immune system is very busy just keeping one alive today.

You may have to add a ProBiotic supplement to the effort and the candida condition will resolve quickly. In severe cases it may take several feedback sessions. The Tri-vector panel also contains candida, vaginal flora and related yeast and fungus frequencies for immune focus.

With the resolution of the overgrowth Candida, the Leaky Gut phenomena will resolve as well.

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