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Start your Wellness Coaching career TODAY with the imaet Wellness Coach Essentials Bundle!  It has everything you need to start your future of helping others live a healthy life.  The Bundle includes the state-of-the-art imaet bioenergetic wellness software loaded onto a laptop or tablet and a 6-month online Wellness Coach Certification Program administered by the Quantum Bioenergetics Academy.   The imaet software communicates with the body's biofield to discover and harmonize energetic imbalances that often cause inflammation, dysfuntion and other health issues.  By utilizing this software as a Wellness Coach, you can offer a unique service that harnesses the power of Quantum Energy and Bioenergetics to provide cutting edge holsitic healing. The training program will teach you how to best utilize the software to make the most of your Coaching business.  The software and device can be used for both in-person or remote sessions!  Work from anywhere!

Wellness Coach Essentials Bundle

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