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Longevity & Anti-Aging

Longevity and Anti-aging go hand-in-hand. It is usually old age that ends one’s life. In that vein, the higher our anti-aging activities and lifestyles, the longer we live. However, in recent decades a different end of life has emerged, chronic illness. Must the last few years of our lives be lived in misery with chronic illness? The Blue Zone research shows, that centenarians are not only 100 years old and more, but, have no disease. They also are on zero medications. That also appears to go hand-in-hand.

One hundred year ago the life expantancy was 40 years. Today it’s 80 years. What can we expect in 100 years from now. Will life expectancy be 120 or 160 years of age. Well, at present and just the past few years, life expectancy in the US is declining. Have we reached the peak of life expectancy for homo sapiens?

Plenty of doctors, researchers and scientists say, absolutely not. We have the potential to grow much older than 80. The reason why life expectancy is declining is because of our toxic and unhealthy lifestyles.

Our food supply is laced with chemicals. So is our drinking water which includes heavy metals and now plastic chemicals like BHT. Every man, child and woman in the US has detectable levels of Glyphosate (Round-up), a known carcinogenic, in their bodies. This is just one out of over 80 000 chemicals in our environment. Even if you eat organic, which is highly advisable if you want to achieve healthy longevity, one cannot escape this predicament entirely. Chemicals and toxins damage our DNA. They inhibit genes and cause mutations. Chemicals are also endocrine disruptors and therefor cause hormonal imbalances.

A majority of Americans (over 50%) today are on pharmaceutical management in search of a symptom free life. Symptoms, and there are thousands of them, indicating that there is a problem in the body which needs attention. These symptoms need healing, which requires determining the causes of the symptoms. Pharmaceuticals are synthetic chemicals and therefor toxins. Toxins inhibit longevity genes and cause genetic mutations. Have you ever known someone who is on 13 medications. I have. They all passed on fairly quickly and somewhat miserably. Vaccines, a specialty pharmaceutical product, have their own toxicity and therefor anti-aging problems with them. Not all vaccines are the same. Vaccines are a helpful tool, but 80 different vaccines? The forceful and exessive vaccination of our children is contributing to declining longevity. Pharmaceuticals and present day vaccines cause side effects and injure DNA.

Overeating and the overconsumption of sugars, empty calories foods, highly processed foods, junk food and food chemicals ALL damage our genes and cause detrimental epigenetic change, negatively affecting longevity as well as accelerating aaging.

So what can one do to increase lifespan and maintain good health. The evidence is clear and fairly simple: Reduce the toxic burden from food consumption, utilize effective natural healthcare as much as possible AND eat less. Caloric restriction stimulates all the longevity genes, anti-aging genes and tumor suppressor genes. Eating less is the most effective and basic behavior rewarding one with robust health and good longevity. Rather than counting calories, count the hours between eating. Eat less often. Intermittant fasting is a good habit to develop.

Caloric restriction tells longevity genes to do what they have been doing for 100 million years: boost cellular defenses, ward off disease and degeneration, reduce adverse epigenetic changes and slow down aging.

If someone experiences cravings and other difficult imbalances, a bioenergetic analysis of the underlying functional causes, i.e. parasites, candida, fungus, allergies, low functioning genes and mutations, is appropriate. With the IMAET System and scalar frequency technology, we can now resonate with specific genes, including longevity genes, and stimulate them into higher function. Dr. Straile, DC knows that inflammation, allergies and simply pain are red flags, that longevity is under attack and aging is being accelerated. IMAET is the tool that allows us to identify the responsible stressors and communicate with the genome and individual genes to achieve harmony in the epigenetic expression of those genes. Between appropriate lifestyle changes and bioenergetic tune-ups for struggling genes - YOU are in control of your destiny.

Author: Dr. Bernard Straile, BS, DC, is a Holistic Chiropractor and the chief clinician at the TOTAL WELLNESS CENTER in Syracuse, NY . He has worked with close to 20 000 patients.

Dr. Straile is the founder of the SHOW Method, an epigenetic healing technique - and the developer of the IMAET System, a Class II Medical Device registered with the FDA as well as the VIRTUOSO.

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